She snaps open her wings, falls

from a high branch. She glides, coasting

above the thrashing river.


It’s always one step, isn’t it? Only one step.

One moment. Between this life and the next.

             —"white crane" from birds & other dreamers

K.B. Marie earned her MFA in poetry at Western Michigan University in 2010. In the years following, she taught thousands of university writing students how to find and develop their own voices, before leaving teaching to focus on her writing full-time.

Dozens of her poems have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, including Bateau, North American Review, Ascent, Florida Review, Tampa Review, and elsewhere under the name, Kory M. Shrum.

She's also worked with several independent presses and publications, including New Issues Press, Zone 3 Press, Third Coast Literary Magazine, and the Los Angeles Review.


So many poets, writers, and artists have influenced her work, but she has a special love for Wisława Szymborska, Louise Glück, and Mary Oliver. 

Her favorite poetry intersects with art--which is why most of her collections are illustrated or have a visual component.

She lives in Michigan with her wife, Kimberly, and their pug, Charley.

Image Credit : The above illustration "Window" was created by artist Gage Hutchings